Engineering Services

Engineering Solutions for Tough Challenges

Leigh + O’Kane provides comprehensive engineering solutions for a broad range of projects. Our team can help you tackle tough challenges with structural, infrastructure, and special inspection services – providing the expertise necessary to complete successful projects.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Leigh + O’Kane has had the privilege of introducing structural engineering excellence to communities for over 35 years. From buildings that shelter us, retaining walls keeping landscapes intact and bridges connecting our roadways together. Our team is driven by a passion to create resilient structures with lasting impact.

Infrastructure Engineering

Our team offers a unique blend of strategic, innovative and experienced thinking to help bring public and private projects in the Midwest to life. We have vast experience as both engineer of record on high-profile developments and project partners, providing core services such as design engineering, construction inspection. By working collaboratively with our clients we are able to leverage creative solutions that not only meet infrastructure demands but also significantly improve the quality of life for those living in their communities.

Special Inspections

Leigh + O’Kane is an industry leader in the field of inspections and special inspection per the IBC for all of aspects of the building structure, boasting expertise across a range of building systems from traditional framing to fireproofing. Our experience also extends into providing on-site concrete testing, ensuring clients have complete peace of mind that their projects are held up to the highest standards.