About Us

Welcome to Leigh & O’Kane: Building Connections, Shaping the Future

Leigh & O’Kane L.L.C. stands as a distinguished Structural Engineering firm, boasting a broad array of services and a wealth of experience. Our work extends as both prime engineering consultants and trusted collaborators with leading architects and engineers in the region.

Since our establishment in 1986 in Kansas City, we have witnessed sustained growth by consistently delivering exceptional structural designs and promptly addressing the unique requirements of our clients. Over the years, our expertise has expanded to encompass various domains, including buildings, bridges, and infrastructure. In a bid to fortify our engineering prowess, we have incorporated construction services into our scope of work, including Special Inspections and Material Testing, thus ensuring an elevated level of quality control for each project.

Our proficiency spans across diverse building materials like wood, steel, masonry, and concrete, encompassing all types of construction projects. A mere drive through Kansas City and beyond reveals a living testament to our extensive portfolio, dotted with projects in remarkable and unexpected locations.

Throughout the years, monumental transformations have taken place in the industry, from the design process and codes to structural analysis software, drafting, modeling, and seamless integration of these elements, as well as the delivery methods of documents and construction, all accelerated by the pace of progress.

However, amidst these profound changes, one aspect remains unwavering – our steadfast commitment to the principles of good design:

  1. Ensuring the safety of structures above all else.
  2. Crafting innovative and creative solutions for every challenge.
  3. Employing economical materials that align perfectly with the structural requirements.
  4. Meticulously creating comprehensive Construction Documents.
  5. Providing exemplary communication and service throughout the design and construction process.

At Leigh & O’Kane L.L.C., our unwavering dedication to these timeless principles continues to drive our success and guarantee the excellence of every endeavor we undertake.