Meet Leadership

Amanda Bush

Amanda serves as Principal at Leigh + O’Kane. A problem-solver at heart, she thrives in the arena of juggling staff workload, project challenges and even deciding what to order for the office game-day lunch.

Day-to-day she oversees all structural transportation projects in the office including bridges, culverts, retaining walls and sign structures. In addition, she manages other building projects focusing mostly on renovations.

Her juggling and problem-solving skills don’t get a rest even as she leaves the office, as she’s also the mom of two busy teenagers. Inside or outside of the office Amanda is determined to find solutions that work the best for everyone.

Adam O’Kane

As the Principal and Owner of the company, Adam is passionate about developing strong relationships with clients and extending support to his team of talented engineers. He believes that by working together and leveraging the collective expertise at Leigh + O’Kane, they deliver exceptional service to their clients and help them achieve their goals.

Adam is responsible for several key areas of the business, including business development and proposal preparation, software management, information technologies and networking. He is committed to staying at the forefront of these fields, constantly seeking out new technologies and methodologies that can help Leigh + O’Kane provide even better service to its clients.

Although it sounds like he has an incredibly full plate, he makes plenty of time to enjoy his two kids’ activities, get out in nature, or play a round of golf to unwind and recharge.

Wayne Hess

As Director of Engineering, Wayne’s favorite part of his job is watching new engineers that he’s trained develop and grow as they start to manage and design a project on their own. He also manages projects for structural buildings, oversees the structural building design and works closely with architectural clients and multiple members of the design and construction teams.

When he’s not engineering life-sized buildings, he enjoys building with Lego, which exhibits his deep passion for design both in and outside of the office.